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Thank you for visiting Shift+Backspace! Some of you have probably seen parts of it over the last week and not too much has changed. However, I will give everyone a run down of what to expect on Shift+Backspace.

First, the main page consists of technology-related news and articles. I will be writing many articles showcasing different technologies I enjoy and will also be providing summaries and links to other technology stories I feel others may be interested in. Most stories will have a summary or overview of the article with a ‘read more’ link that takes you to the entire article. One of the main focuses of this site is to provide the viewers articles they want to read. With this in mind I would like to welcome ANY comments or suggestions for future articles or anything related to the site. Email these comments / criticisms / suggestions to .

Secondly, you may notice that there are Shift+Backspace Channels. These are sub-sites that contain articles regarding other interests other than technology. New articles will be popping up often so I encourage everyone to visit the channels and check for updates! If you have any ideas for another channel please let me know and I will investigate it.

Finally, it is my hope that we can even get some competitions going on between viewers and content creators. Once again I would like suggestions on what the viewers would like to do. Ideas so far included image editing and image captioning contests.

You have probably noticed that there is yet to be a formal logo at the top of this page. I currently have a few working ideas but my graphical abilities are somewhat lacking. If any viewers want to create a logo I would be more than happy to post all designs on the website and choose the one I feel best represents Shift+Backspace and the subject of technology. The banner logo should be 800×200 pixels, but any other submission will be considered. Simply email the images to (preferably .png files).

Thank you to everyone for visiting this site and I hope many of you become regular viewers!


Written by: Margaret Wilson

Hi, my name is Margaret Wilson and I am an engineering student. This is my personal blog and I try to solve different problems regarding mobile phones and PCs. Stay tuned!

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