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Yay! Over a month ago I placed an order with for three books. I knew they would not be shipping until early June as none of them were currently in stock. Anyways, I received them today and am so excited to begin reading and posting reviews on each book. Unfortunately, I am currently swamped with schoolwork and Shift+Backspace, so it may take quite a while to get some reviews out.

Here are the three books I received, 2 of which will fit in very well with topics on Shift+Backspace:

The Success of Open Source, by Steven Weber

Perspectives on Free and Open Source Software, a collection of works from many authors

The Ecology of Commerce, by Paul Hawken

Currently, I am working my way through No Logo, by Naomi Klein, but may have to set it aside to begin my new books!

If anyone has any comments on these or any other books you would like to suggest please post a comment or .


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