Well, after so many complaints about the gray-on-gray theme, I have decided to change it up. This is by no means a full re-design, but is meant to tide everyone over until I get the big design done. Any comments about this new design would be great and keep in mind that I will probably be changing parts for a while.

I hope the articles are easier to read with this new theme!

MUCH easier (and faster) to read. Thank you!

Looks great! A lot better than before concerning readability. Maybe center the whole page or get rid of some of that white space on the right side (there’s a lot of it on my 20inch monitor).

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Great improvement though!

Well it does improve readability considerably :)

Thank you, as your reviews have been ending up on Distrowatch quite commonly lately.

Please continue, after your “intro” to Linux newbies has an end, could you review such newly released distros as in-depth as possible, reading about *buntu is SOOOO annoying now;) YOu havepotention, your a “distro slut” like I was, you’ll level out within a year.

Enjoy and let us know which distro you choose to settle with after choosing to settle 5 times lol, hey it happened to me and I’ve settled with sidux after “setteling” on Arch, openSuSE, kubuntu, Dream, and vanilla Debian.


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