Free Software

Net Neutrality

by Margaret Wilson on

Many of you have likely heard this term on the news or read about it somewhere online. There are many websites discussing Net Neutrality and what it means to internet users. Generally, Net Neutrality pushes for an “open” network with no discrimination. The leading advocate is and I urge you to visit this site…read more

Mid-April Update

by Margaret Wilson on

April is generally a very busy time for students and the reason why I have not been updating Shift+Backspace as often as I had hoped. I have received suggestions regarding site design and what readers would like to see. All of these comments are considered and I am hoping to follow through with every one…read more


by Margaret Wilson on

Ubuntu Let’s start this off with an introduction of Ubuntu. Have you ever heard of the linux-based operating system? Well, Ubuntu is one of the many thousands of distributions available free-of-charge to anyone who wishes to use it. According to, Ubuntu is still the most used distribution used by both enthusiasts and general users….read more