It’s true! This morning, Apple Store websites around the world were temporarily taken down while the update was being made. Both the 15″ and 17″ MacBook Pros were given a very welcomed upgrade without any increase in price. All MacBook Pro flavours were given LED-backlit displays that are much more energy conscious as well as the new Intel Santa Rose platform in addition to to an upgrade to the Nvidia 8600M GT series of video cards. Also, the base model of the 15″ MacBook Pro now comes standard with 2GB of RAM and a new option for 1920×1200 resolution is available for the 17″ model!

Even more news, the Apple Eduction discount is now offering a FREE iPod Nano with the purchase of any Apple computer before September 16, 2007. That means that for me, in Canada, I can get the 15″ MacBook Pro + an iPod Nano for $1999 (ignoring taxes) with my educational discount! If anyone wishes to fund or put money into an “Apple for Cole” fund do not hesitate to contact me! Oh, and do not worry, as soon as I get one I will install Linux to dual boot with OS X.

For more details check out Gizmodo, Engadget, and the

Shockingly excited,