Apple Keynote @ NAB07

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applesThe Apple keynote at the National Association of Broadcasters is starting at 2pm EST. Apple recently launched their 8-core MacPro’s as well as announcing that the updated operated system, Leopard, will be delayed until the fall, everyone seems to be unsure what they will be announcing today. Speculation has it that it will be an updated version of the Apple Final Cut Studio. Of course, I am hoping for 12″ MacBook Pro’s.

After the keynote I will post an update of what has been announced. For now, visit the Engadget live-coverage. How am I suppose to watch the Wings game, Jays game and stay updated on Apple!!


All of the updates today really only affect studio production professionals, however, the software and hardware announced sound sweet. First off is Final Cut Server. This software is designed to help manage assets and aid work-flow in organizations where there are many people working concurrently on the same projects. Also, updated versions of Apple’s video and audio editing software are being released. Next up is a piece of hardware called IO-HD, which allows users to edit HD content on their MacBook Pro’s. It’s a pretty sweet looking box but sells for $3495 US (once again, this is all professional equipment and the prices are actually extremely good compared to alternatives).

Even though I will probably never use any of this software, it is all really cool to read about. One thing that came up in the news I was reading is that the new video editing software will allow users to edit video filmed in full 4K and 2540p from the RED ONE camera. I have been following the news on RED ONE since the announcement of it quite a while ago. It comes from the RED Digital Cinema company which was founded by Jim Jannard (founder of Oakley). I urge you to check out this camera here.


Well, the Apple Store website just came back online. I have been reading the page on Final Cut Studio 2 and even though I do not know what I would use it for I want it! Check it out here.


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