Mid-April Update

by Margaret Wilson on

April is generally a very busy time for students and the reason why I have not been updating Shift+Backspace as often as I had hoped. I have received suggestions regarding site design and what readers would like to see. All of these comments are considered and I am hoping to follow through with every one I have received so far. Please keep them coming!

Those of you that know me realize I have the attention span of puppy. However, this has lead me to researching many different articles simultaneously. I would like to take this opportunity to share some of my ideas. Articles I am currently working on include:

  • Open-source and free software
  • BitTorrent + clients
  • Net neutrality
  • Big-box vs. local computer stores – where to buy technology
  • Terminal vs. command prompt
  • MSN client face-off
  • Google Apps
  • Lots of Ubuntu and Linux propaganda
  • Joost (no invites left, will let you know when I get more)

I have recently become a huge fan of open-source software projects. The plan is to first post an article as an introduction to open-source and then each week post a review on a specific piece of open-source software and comparisons with retail software (trust me, you will be surprised how good open-source software is).

Of course, if you have any recommendations or just want a private answer to a question email me at colemason


Written by: Margaret Wilson

Hi, my name is Margaret Wilson and I am an engineering student. This is my personal blog and I try to solve different problems regarding mobile phones and PCs. Stay tuned!

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